Via Estonia warehouse complex
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Eventus Ehitus OÜ is a company founded in 2005, dealing with general construction contracting and project management. We are a professional partner for our clients, providing high-quality construction service with optimum price and speed.

Currently under construction
Taevakivi business house
Osmussaare 5 / Taevakivi 1, Tallinn
Currently Under construction.
Warehouse building of Smarten Logistics
Rukki tee 3, Lehmja küla, Rae vald, Harjumaa
Currently under construction.
K3 Business House
Kadaka tee 133, Tallinn
Currently under construction.
Ülemiste LoftOffice
Suur-Sõjamäe 13A, Tallinn
Currently under construction.
Jüri Tervisekeskus
Jüri alevik
Currently Under construction.
Completed projects
Entertainment and sports buildings
Pärnu Stadium
Ranna pst 2, Pärnu
Stadium with grandstand building.
"Mustamäe Keskus" - Shopping Center and Cinema
Tammsaare tee 104A, Tallinn
Lotte Village
Tahkuranna vald, Pärnumaa
Valdeku Gym and Sauna at Nõmme
Valdeku 13, Tallinn
Nasva Club House
Sõrve mnt 53, Nasva alevik, Kaarma vald, Saare maakond
Production, warehouse and office buildings
Omniva logistikakeskus
Pähklimäe tee 3, Lehmja küla, Rae vald
Kadaka tee 4 Business Building
Kadaka tee 4, Tallinn
Sütiste Tervisekeskus
Sütiste tee 17/1, Tallinn
Priisle 16 business house
Priisle 16,Tallinn
Artelli 19 LoftOffice
Artelli 19, Tallinn
Warehouse and office building of Smarten Logistics
Rukki tee 1, Lehmja küla, Rae vald, Harjumaa
Tuleviku Business building
Tuleviku tee 2, Peetri alevik, Rae vald
Manta Maja business building
Vabaduse pst 174B
Via Estonia warehouse complex
Suur-Sõjamäe 33A, Tallinn
Warehouse and office building made of reinforced concrete elements, which „rusty“ concrete surface is adorned by the facade sections with wooden board cover. A nominee for the award „Concrete Building of the Year 2007“ issued by the Estonian Concrete Society.
Priisle Business Park
Priisle 10, Tallinn
Mahtra 50A Business Building
Mahtra 50A, Tallinn
Pärnu Market
Pärnu turuhoone
Warehouse and office building of Elmaks
Gaasi tee 5, Lehmja küla, Rae vald
Warehouse made of finished reinforced concrete sandwich elements with an office block having a spectacular interior design.
Building of Niemi Rescue Team
Telakkakatu 2, Lahti, Finland
3-storey office and household building of a rescue team, made of reinforced concrete elements, with sophisticated special systems, garage and car wash. The first project of Eventus Ehitus OÜ in Finland.
Järveotsa tee 50C, Tallinn
Production and office building of Solarbalt
Piirimäe 3, Saku vald
Production hall made of reinforced concrete sandwich elements with 2-storey office block.
Buildings of educational and social welfare institutions
Nõlvaku Nursery School
Kaselaane1 / Vanasilla 31a, Saue vald
Near-zero-energy building meeting the requirements and technology of a passive house. The most energy-efficient nursery school in Estonia, constructed with healthy materials and contemporary automatic solutions.
Laululinnu Nursery School at Ülenurme
Kurepalu tee 1, Soinaste, Ülenurme vald
Vääna-Jõesuu school
Hiie tee 21, Vääna-Jõesuu
Otepää High School
Full-scale reconstruction of the school building.
Nõo School
Hariduse 3, Nõo
Lepola School and Nursery School
Visantie 1, Jokela, Finland
Construction of a new school building and a new nursery school together with reconstruction of the existing school building.
Põlva Public High School
Kesk 25, Põlva
Full-scale reconstruction of the school building.
Apartment houses
Tõnismägi Premium
Tõnismägi 11A, Tallinn
Terraced house at Sirptiiva 14
Sirptiiva 14, Tallinn
A luxury terraced house at Kloostrimetsa, with 12 boxes and versatile external architecture
Malmö 23 apartment house
Malmö 23, Pärnu
Juurdeveo 19 apartment house
Juurdeveo 19, Tallinn
Multi-storey building with 85 apartments and underground parking lot in the city centre, with original architecture, sophisticated interior design and „smart home“ concept
Five family houses of Kodijärve Rehabilitation Centre
Kodijärve, Kambja vald
4 family houses of Viljandi and Väikemõisa orphanages for young children
Künni tn 30 ja 32, Viljandi / Peremõisa küla, Saarepeedi vald, Viljandimaa
Four low-energy buildings fulfilling the purpose of a substitute home. Exclusive terracotta roof tiles have been used as the cover material of gable roof and facade.
Apartment house at Sõpruse 25
Sõpruse pst 25, Tallinn
Apartment house with 57 apartments, business spaces and underground parking floor.
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